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Educational institutions have to manage day-to-day operations in an effective way possible. They look out for solutions for management of library, student and faculty data maintenance, paperless operations, report generation, and the list goes on. The institutions are vigilant to have a complete solution in one go. One single institution is not alone in this journey; there are a lot of institutions who are in twinge. Many companies have come up with campus management software solutions to ease the pain of these institutions. Campus management software effectively administers complex and strenuous tasks of day-to-day academic and administrative management. It is used to consolidate knowledge-focused activities into best practices. Online campus management systems are managed by software that is embedded with the most significant features to enhance the productivity of the institutions. The key features of the software that help enhance the productivity of the institutions are Performance: Performance is one of the important features in the campus management system. Online campus management software helps analyse the performance of students as well as faculty in the form of ratings. Thereby monitoring the activities in real-time. Interactivity: The software brings students, parents, and faculty on a common interactive platform. Parents can discuss the on-going activities of their child; students on the other hand can get help from faculty on their academics and the faculty can give suggestions to parents on their child’s improvement. Course design: The software helps the entire faculty come together in a single platform to design the course for the academic year. They can discuss the terms and conditions to take the teaching activity smoothly. They can also come up with specialized courses or programs for the betterment of the students. Report generation: Once the tests and exams are completed, the reports are submitted in the software. E-reports can be obtained on a click of a button. The reports can be exported and stored in the form of PDF, Excel, or any other supported formats. Paperless: Digital natives use technology in every aspect of learning processes. For them, the software is a boon. Using the software the institutions can go paperless. Going paperless means viable and trustworthy documents are stored in the software. Inventory management: Effectively managing books, racks, and sections in a library are one of the parts of inventory management. Even managing uniforms, stationery, books, etc., during the course term is a must for any institution. The software will be loaded with the necessary modules to handle all these activities.

Grievance management: Addressing the grievance is the most critical part of any institution. The software helps in reporting the grievances as and when students and faculties feel unsafe. The management then can deal with all types of complaints and grievances that are registered. The software used for online campus management will be mostly cloud-based. It includes a set of tools to modernize the above-mentioned key features of online campus management. It helps in upgrading, planning, and managing the processes related to students and faculties. Course details, lecture sessions, student enrolment, library management, attendance management, exam and result processing, and administrative procedures are all incorporated in the software. It significantly improves the effectiveness of allocating and operating academic resources better. Online campus management software solutions must be one-stop go for all the institutions. It must be the preferred choice of schools and colleges which will help in optimizing the work and processes of various institutions. By using the solution, relationship management gets easier and the flow of work will become smoother. Overall, it helps in an easy flow of communication between faculty, parents, and students.