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Chartered Accountant Office Automation System

We have been working very closely with many Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms. We have seen the CAs come across multiple challenges and to name a few;

  • •Ensuring Compliance to all the regulatory requirements is a significant challenge

  • •Large Number of Customers and Services makes it very difficult to keep track of issues and tasks

  • •High Employee Attrition puts that much more challenges to train the new staff, ensure that pending tasks of outgoing staff are fully addressed on time.

  • •Human Errors can be fatal – can lead to severe customer dissatisfaction and even financial losses.

To address these challenges and make the operations smooth, we have developed CAOAS software that will ensure all the challenges are effectively addressed. It provides a customized method of Practice management and Client management for CAs. This software is accessible anywhere, anytime in devices compatible with Windows operating system. Specifically, the application will help in streamlining and tracking of work. CAOAS offers Email and SMS support for effective communication between the Client and the Vendors. Product has various modules to address all the major activities and services of any CA like;
  1. 1. Professional Tax
  2. 2. Tax Deducted Source (Payroll and Non-Payroll)
  3. 3. Good Service Tax (GST-3B)
  4. 4. Audit
  5. 5. Invoice Generation and Tracking
  6. 6. Task Tracking
  7. 7. Master Management
Our customers have seen significant benefits and streamlining of operations by using CAOAS.