As the popular saying goes, “The only constant thing in this world is change”. In the era of smart life, everyone looks for worldliness. Automation is the buzz word that revolves around smart life. The general definition of automation would be – a technology to perform programmed commands to execute the instructions. This process provides automatic feedback control all done without human intervention. There are many important application areas where automation has put its front foot. A few of them are explained below.

Business process automation (BPA), also known as digital transformation, is the ability to use technology to automate day-to-day tasks and coordinate processes through the workflow. It increases service quality, reduces human errors, allows for efficient allocation of resources, improves service delivery, enables faster response to problems, and mainly stakeholder satisfaction. It is necessary for any business where the organization can make more informed business decisions thereby increasing the output and reducing the cost. The best example of digital transformation is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which is revolutionizing business process automation. The practice of performing RPA not only transforms the organization’s workflow but allows for superior scalability and flexibility within the enterprise.

Application service automation simplifies operational complexity where the operations are automated to control application change. It integrates all domain and functionality tools into various automation layers to have a unified interface for all workflows. With this, operation teams can transform manual, error-prone application service tasks into reliable, repeatable, and timely processes. It processes events, tasks, and business functions. It enables sharp uptime and helps in achieving multi-dimensional visibility into businesses.

Internet of things (IoT) in the automation industry is proving to be a game-changer for automation companies. IoT has entered the next stage of business, where the focus is primarily on the values of connected devices. The primary motive of IoT automation is to reduce operating expenditure when automation devices become Internet-enabled devices. With IoT, the data or the information is sent across devices to automate the processes, without the need for human intervention. This improves accuracy and uptime. Surely IoT promises widespread automation that will change the way we work and live.

Home automation is quickly becoming the next big thing. With the “smart” automation wave, home is becoming smarter. The growing demand for smart home automation can be accredited to the increasing preference among consumers for convenience, connectivity, safety, and security. The emerging technologies are coming up with smart home apps that enable them to integrate with multiple connected products loaded with pre-set rules to automate home. Home automation with modern-day techniques helps meet people’s requirements by creating a valuable market/ eco space around them. The connected home technologies and the wearable devices which control the home from the wrist are contemplating all sorts of sci-fi technologies and promise to surely redefine the concept of “Smart Living". Chatbot Bots enables chats for web applications, connects and accepts service requests from the customers, and supports them to place an order on the website. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature embedded in messaging applications. Chatbot software is available to a marketer at a big digital agency and also to the owner of a small personal website. In addition to the above application areas in automation technology, there have been significant achievements in areas such as communications, transportation, service industries, and consumer products. Bottom line Digital computers, sensor technology, and software have contributed to the progress in automation technology. This provides an opportunity for humans to ease from repetitive and hazardous tasks to be carried out. Automation technology, if used intelligently and effectively, can yield extensive opportunities in the future.